Add some colour into your life

When the going gets tough, we need some colour into our lives.

Hello, potted colour!

Bright pink, fire-engine red, buttercup yellow, vivid orange and pure white flowers. They come as tall, short, spreading, upright and scrambling plants. You just can’t beat annual flowering plants to bring cheer to your garden and into our lives. They brighten up a dull veranda, broken old pot and sparkle like jewels in our garden beds.

Potted colour is the term used for annual plants with a short life cycle and life span such as Petunia, Marigold, Coleus, the edible Nasturtium, Begonia, Salvia and even the tall Sunflower.

For the quickest result, purchase seedlings from your local nursery or grow them from saved seeds. Prepare the soil by loosening it with a fork, add compost and finally fertiliser. Plants that grow very quickly, like the potted colour need instant access to nutrients. Remember to keep the soil moist especially when the days are still quite hot.

A regular feed from any of the liquid fertilisers or your home made version will encourage plants to produce flowers and colourful foliage for many months to come. Add some colour to your life and spread happiness.

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Eva Erhardt
Qualified Horticulturist

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