Eva Erhardt 




   Garden Design


   "Let your garden             improve

      your lifestyle"

Eva is a passionate gardener and educator

For the last 20 years she has designed new gardens and rejuvenated existing gardens.

From bare dirt to overgrown jungles, Eva has transformed hundreds of urban gardens, courtyards and semi rural properties into havens.

Eva is changing the world, one garden at a time

She is a firm believer that every property is unique and has to be designed and managed according to gardeners experience, available time and lifestyle requirements.

Follow Eva's advice:

"Work smarter,not harder: allowing more time to sit back and enjoy your garden"

Brisbane Plant Expo
13-14 March
Rocklea showgrounds

Come and see me at the workshop pavilion:

Friday 13th, 3-4pm

Garden design for beginners

Garden Tips 


Weeds ain't weeds.

Convert weeds into liquid fertiliser

Yes, you can grow vegetables in containers.


Garden consultation:


Work smarter, not harder in your garden.

Practical problem solving advice to all your gardening questions.


Garden design:


Designing new gardens or giving an

existing gardens a 'face-lift'.



Available as a professional guest speaker, delivering an educational, inspirational or entertaining presentation.




Small group learning. A broad range of of Horticulture topics, garden design, maintenance,  plus land management.

Mobile: 0404 815 892

E: eva@gardenconsultancy.info

Eva Erhardt
Qualified Horticulturist

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